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Total Flights: 32931
Total Pax Carried: 6152378
Total Cargo Carried: 0 Kg
Total Flights Today: 0
Total Destinations: 0

About charterair

charterair is the founding member of the woh|group. It has been established in 2000 and has been transformed several times in order to fit to the market requirements. Its headquarter is in Frankfurt, Germany.

Currently charterair is woh|group`s european brand for affordable flying to leisure and business destinations. Currently three virtual AOCs in Germany, Austria und the UK operate for the charterair platform. Various bases in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Spain, the Netherlands, Italy and the UK offer services to worldwide destinations which are of interest for leisure and business customers.

Right now the fleet consists of Airbus A321/A330 and Boeing B737/B757/B767 aircraft.


ICAO Equipment Max Pax Max Cargo Number in Fleet